A Sequel for Faenwick's Own Story: Book Two in A FAERIE'S TALE

Fans who follow our tweets know that Faenwick's sequel story makes its debut this week on Thursday, September 8th. Unlike Charming, Cindermaid, and Thorns, this will be a tale outside the fairytale canon -- a story centered on Faenwick's character in the spirit of The Fairy Godmother's Apprentice.

The new novel will pick up Faenwick's own tale shortly after the last chapter of her first novel, and will recount Faenwick's perspective through the events of Cinderella's tale. What happens next is the heart of the story: one of betrayal, prophecies, conspiracy, and rebellion, with the fate of the faeries themselves hinged on Faenwick's true destiny.

We promise the return of familiar faces, and the introduction of a few new characters important to Faenwick's future, and more about the complicated world of the fairies themselves.Check out the cover art below, and keep up with the latest news for The Dark Woods and its spin-off series via the official book series Twitter account @DarkWoodsSeries.