As many of you know, 2013 is the release year for The Dark Woods Trilogy’s all-new cycle – beginning three new books with three new story variations on traditional tales. The first one, SPELL, is scheduled for release in January. 

Unlike The Wicked Queen’s Tale, or the first book in our first cycle, this one relies less heavily on a famous fairytale and more upon shades of lesser-known tales drawn from the same canon of folklore as Beauty and the Beast. Like Fairy Godmother, it’s a tale within a tale, a cast of original characters and not familiar or famous faces. There are definite shades of the same worlds, a distant illusion to the “daughter of Lilith” at play, and a hero instead of a heroine.

Here’s the book description which will appear on retail sites soon:

There are sticks and stones which can bind a witch, but not kill her. They can't be drowned as some thinks. Killing one by flame is the only way to destroy the bone and blood...

In a time when magic makers and spell casters roam the countryside, there are men who earn wages by hunting them. Burning them for their crimes, facing the peril of spells and subtler dangers from dark servants skilled in evading punishment...

Among them, Neel is the greatest of all. A legend in his prime who tracks even the most cunning of witches who plague the land, he carves a mark for each sorceress or warlock of power burned at the stake by his hand. Calculating and hard by nature, a loner and wanderer by trade, he and his services are demanded by king and commoner alike. Any who has a grievance against a magic maker and the coin with which to pay the hunter's services.

A request from a queen to track a witch of no name takes him across the vast countryside in pursuit of a sorceress whose spell is unmistakable -- and whose curse takes a hideous form each time it is cast. Three victims in all, three tales which span consequences from abandoned thrones to lovers divided by pain. Three sufferers who describe a witch whose physical appearance and power seems to change without explanation, until the witch hunter knows his pursuit is of a witch possessing no ordinary magic.

Three sufferers, three separate fates, one spell.

The print copy of Spell will be available the same month as the e-Book’s release, for paperback lovers, so no delay in the fashion of the previous Dark Woods volumes.