First Bite Now Available in Print

Fantasy readers who prefer print to kindle may be interested to know that First Bite: The Wicked Queen's Tale --volume one in the The Dark Woods Trilogy--is now available in print via Amazon. 

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This Special Edition volume of the story includes the sequel novella, Snow White's Knight, where readers follow Prince Reiden on a dangerous quest to rescue the beautiful princess.

Updated Electronic Version of First Bite Now Available!

Dark Woods Fans may be excited to know there is now an updated electronic copy of First Bite: The Wicked Queen's Tale available via Smashwords retailers and Amazon. This latest version contains a table of contents for the reader's convenience, as well as typo corrections. 

Check back soon for details on the book's up-coming Special Edition print release!

First Bite Sequel and Prequel Volume Available on Amazon!

Kindle readers who are fans of the Dark Woods Trilogy may be excited to know that Snow White's Knight and Magic Mirror--the prequel and sequel volume to First Bite--are now available to purchase on Amazon!

Fans curious to see the conclusion of Snow White and Prince Reiden's part of the First Bite tale will find their questions answered with the adventure novella Snow White's Knight

The prequel tale, Magic Mirror, is a Shakespearesque tragedy that traces the origins of Queen Lillian's enchanted glass.

Bloodcurse: A Regency Vampire Novel Free on Amazon!

August 1-2, readers can download my latest romance/fantasty, Bloodcurse: A Regency Vampire Novel for free! Go here to pick up your copy, and happy reading!

They come for the cure in shades of crimson...

Of course, seventeen-year-old Elle Warner doesn't know that when she arrives for a six week stay in the luxurious city of Bath. But stories are told. Bodies are found.

A young and mysterious stranger may hold the key to these tragedies-and very possibly to the fate of the girl who cannot escape his gaze.

Inspired by Jane Austen's own gothic tribute, Bloodcurse is a tale of dark stories, imagined secrets, and a young girl's first true adventure.

Snow White and the Huntsman Premiers

Fans of fantasy literature, fairytale retellings, and especially dark fairytales have their reward -- the much-anticipated Snow White and the Huntsman debuts across the U.S. on June 1st!

Visit the official site for more details and a glimpse inside this summer's hottest fantasy genre flick:

Book Trailer for First Bite Prequel and Sequel Novellas!

From the authors of The Dark Woods Trilogy come two all-new short tales inspired by the series' first volume, the dark retelling of Snow White's tale through the plight of the evil queen in "First Bite: The Wicked Queen's Tale".

Download it free for a limited time from major e-Book retail sites, including Barnes & Noble and Apple iTunes (get the Kindle version on Smashwords)!

Read First Bite Sequel and Prequel Volume for Free!

For a limited time, you can read Snow White's Knight and Magic Mirror, the sequel and prequel to First Bite: The Wicked Queen's Tale.
Authors Briggs and Steinbrenner offer two short tales inspired by The Dark Woods trilogy’s First Bite. In Snow White’s Knight, dark adventures await Prince Reiden when he attempts to rescue the innocent princess from a fateful spell. In Shakespearesque tragedy Magic Mirror, a vengeful wizard, an obsessed warlord, and a callous ruler are connected by a fatal prophecy from the enchanted mirror.
Find the volume available in multiple formats here: